The 13th five-year plan carries out 100 major projects, many of which are related to instrumentation

The 13th five-year plan carries out 100 major projects, many of which are related to instrumentation

The 13th five-year plan carries out 100 major projects, many of which are related to instrumentation

(Summary description)China plans to carry out 100 major projects in the next five years, according to a draft outline reviewed by the National People's Congress (NPC) . This also indicated our country“The 13th five-year plan” will carry out 100 major project plans, among them many plans and the instrument correlation.

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    China plans to carry out 100 major projects in the next five years, according to a draft outline reviewed by the National People's Congress (NPC) . This also indicated our country“The 13th five-year plan” will carry out 100 major project plans, among them many plans and the instrument correlation.

  These 100 major projects and projects involve science and technology, equipment manufacturing, agriculture, environmental protection, transportation, energy, talent, culture and education, etc. , it will have a far-reaching impact on China's economy, society and People's livelihood, and will also bring great opportunities to the international community.
  So how many of these projects are related to the scientific instrumentation and analytical testing industry? In fact, if we pay a little attention, we'll find that there are quite a few:
  “Brain science and brain-like research”, “Development and application of key new materials”, “Global ocean three-dimensional view (monitoring) system” and other fields of research without the help of scientific instruments; “Set up a group of scientists' studios in advantageous scientific research fields” and“Train and support a group of young and top-notch talents in key disciplines and fields” are evidence of the state's support for scientific research; ... Projects such as “Developing high-performance medical devices such as nuclear medical imaging equipment, superconducting magnetic resonance imagin systems, non-invasive breathing machines” will directly promote the advancement of related instrument technology...
  Disrelish document is too” hard” gnaw how to Do? Don't worry, here are 100 Things China will do in five years:
  1、Aeroengines and gas turbines.
  2、Deep-sea space station.
  3、Quantum communication and quantum computer.
  4、Brain Science and brain-like research.
  5、National Cyberspace Security.
  6、Deep Space Exploration and spacecraft in-orbit service and maintenance systems.
  7、Independent innovation of seed industry.
  8、Clean and efficient use of coal.
  9、Space-earth integrated information network.
  10、Focus on the development and application of new materials.
  11、Set up a group of scientists' studios in advantageous scientific research fields.
  12、To train and support a number of young top-notch talents in key disciplines.
  13、To train 10,000 enterprise management personnel who are proficient in strategic planning, capital operation, quality management, human resource management, accounting and law.
  14、Introduce about 10,000 overseas high-level talents to come back to China for innovation and entrepreneurship, and select and support about 10,000 high-level talents in urgent need.
  15、Training millions of high-level, urgently needed and key professional and technical personnel every year.
  16、In the country to build a number of skilled master studios, 1200 high-skilled personnel training base to train 1000 high-skilled personnel.
  17、Ensure the completion of high-standard farmland 800 million mu, strive to 1 billion Mu.
  18、To establish a national system for collection, preservation and research of germplasm resources. Construction of Hainan, Gansu, Sichuan and other national seed production base and 100 regional breeding base of fine varieties.
  19、An additional 100 million mu of efficient water-saving irrigation area was added.
  20、Build 500 full mechanized demonstration counties, the main crop cultivation and harvest comprehensive mechanization rate of about 70% .
  21、Implement“Internet” modern agriculture.
  22、The establishment of agricultural product quality and safety supervision traceability information system.

  23、“100 counties, 1,000 townships and 10,000 villages” rural pilot demonstration project for integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries.
  24、Speed up the development of large aircraft.
  25、Development of new generation and space platforms and payloads such as heavy-lift launch vehicle and new satellites.
  26、We will develop equipment and systems for deep-sea exploration, ocean drilling, exploration and utilization of seabed resources, and support for offshore operations. To promote the development and engineering of deep-sea space stations and large floating structures.
  27、Research and development of a new generation of high-speed, heavy-duty rail transit equipment system.
  28、Development of high-grade CNC machine tools.
  29、We will vigorously develop industrial robots, service robots, surgical robots and military robots. Promote the commercial application of artificial intelligence technology in various fields.
  30、To develop advanced agricultural machinery products adapted to various farming conditions.
  31、To develop high-performance medical devices such as nuclear medical imaging equipment, superconducting magnetic resonance imagin systems and non-invasive breathing machines.
  32、Development and application of medical devices with traditional Chinese medicine characteristics advantages.
  33、To develop complete sets of advanced chemical equipment.
  34、Cultivating integrated circuit industry system, artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware, new type display, mobile intelligent terminal, 5G mobile communication, advanced sensors and wearable devices become new growth points.
  35、Accelerating the large-scale application of biotechnology such as genomics.
  36、Accelerate commercial applications of beidou and remote sensing satellites.
  37、Developing energy storage and distributed energy.
  38、We are vigorously developing smart materials such as shape-memory alloy and self-healing materials, as well as high-end materials such as nano-functional materials such as graphene and metamaterials.
  39、The cumulative production and sales of new energy vehicles nationwide reached 5 million units.
  40、Construction of high-speed and large-capacity optical communication transmission system.
  41、Construction of Internet of things application infrastructure and service platform.
  42、Support Public Cloud Service Platform Construction, cloud computing and big data center layout. We will promote the development of large-scale data pilot areas in Guizhou.
  43、We will accelerate the development and application of a unified National e-government Network.
  44、To create an international e-commerce channel.
  45、To build a national network security and security technology guarantee system.
  46、The high-speed railway reaches 30,000 kilometers, covering more than 80 percent of major cities.
  47、We will accelerate the construction of the national highway network. About 30,000 kilometers of newly built and rebuilt expressways were opened to traffic.
  48、Construction of the sichuan-tibet Railway and other border railways.
  49、Beijing's new airport built. More than 50 new civil transport airports.
  50、We will vigorously promote the construction of international shipping centers in Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian and Xiamen. Improve the level of port intelligence.
  51、Build the traffic circle of urban agglomerations.
  52、New urban rail transit operating mileage of about 3000 km.
  53、Direct mail links between villages will be realized.
  54、Speed up the construction of car network, ship network.
  55、We will promote automation of driving, digitalization of facilities and intellectualization of operation.
  56、Building an efficient and intelligent power system.
  57、Ultra-low emission and energy-saving retrofit of coal-fired units will be carried out in an all-round way.
  58、Construction begins on 60 million kilowatts of conventional hydropower.
  59、Nuclear Power has an installed capacity of 58 million kilowatts and is under construction at least 30 million kilowatts.
  60、To promote the exploration and development of tight oil, oil sands, deep-sea oil and comprehensive development and utilization of oil shale.
  61、Construction of hydropower bases and large-scale coal-fired power bases outside power transmission channels.
  62、The second phase of the National Oil Reserve project was completed. Expanding natural uranium reserves.
  63、More than 1 billion mu of farmland has been irrigated.
  64、Construction of the Yellow River to Hebei Lake, the Yangtze River to Huaihe River, the Han River to Wei, the central Yunnan water, the large Yellow River to Huang River, the Liao River and other major water diversion projects. To advance the construction of follow-up works for the South–North Water Transfer Project East Central line.
  65、Construction of large reservoirs in Lalo, Zhuxi, Huokou, Heilongjiang, Mang Shan and Agang.
  66、Construction of the Dateng Gorge, Huai River Shandian, Xinjiang Altash River basin control project.
  67、Basically 244 major rivers covering an area of 3,000 square kilometers or more have been brought under control.
  68、About 100 million rural migrants and other permanent residents will be resettled in cities and towns. We will accelerate the transformation of shanty towns and urban villages where about 100 million people live. To direct an estimated 100 million people to Midwestern Sectional Figure Skating Championships nearby.
  69、Foster the formation of a number of functional perfection, distinctive features of the new small and medium-sized cities.
  70、We will develop small towns with distinctive resources, location advantages and cultural heritage.
  71、We will develop a group of new model smart cities with distinctive resources, location advantages and cultural development. We will build a number of demonstration green cities, ecological garden cities and forest cities. A small town with deep roots.
  72、Building sponge cities.
  73、Construction of underground pipe corridor (network) .
  74、The penetration rate of tap water in rural areas reached 80% .
  75、To carry out major projects for the development of special-type areas.
  76、In Jiaozhou Bay, Liaodong Bay, Bohai Bay, Hangzhou Bay, Xiamen Bay and Gulf of Tonkin.
  77、Breakthrough“Dragon Palace No. 1” deep-sea experimental platform construction key technology.
  78、New shore-based observation stations will be built in Arctic cooperation, new research stations will be built in Antarctica, and new advanced icebreakers will be built to enhance Antarctic aviation capacity.
  79、The three-dimensional global ocean observation (monitoring) system will be gradually formed.
  80、Implementation of key water units monitoring projects.
  81、Build 50 industrial bases for comprehensive utilization of industrial wastes.
  82、Industrial pollution sources meet all standards.
  83、An additional 45 billion cubic meters of gas will be used to replace 189,000 steam tons of coal-fired boilers.
  84、The source of rivers and 378 rivers, lakes and reservoirs with water quality of Class III or better shall be strictly protected.
  85、We will rehabilitate 10 million mu of polluted farmland and manage the risk of 40 million mu of polluted farmland.
  86、Construction of 5 low-and medium-level radioactive waste disposal sites and 1 high-level radioactive waste treatment underground laboratory.
  87、We will promote ecological restoration and improvement on the Tibetan Plateau and Some Random Place Somewhere areas, which are the core areas of China's ecological security.
  88、Construction of large-scale green ecological protection space and connect the ecological space of the green corridor.
  89、We will promote the comprehensive development, protection and improvement of border areas.
  90、An additional 270,000 square kilometers of soil erosion has been brought under control. The National Wetland area is no less than 800 million mu.
  91、We will develop industries with distinctive features and lift over 30 million people out of poverty. We will promote the export of labor services and help 10 million people find jobs to help the poor. About 10 million poor people in the“One side of the land does not support one side of the people” area were relocated.
  92、Millions of kilometers of rural roads will be rebuilt and built.
  93、Vocational education is available to junior and senior high school graduates from poor families who are unable to further their studies. All eligible poor families will be included in the subsistence allowance.
  94、Standardization of compulsory education schools. Implement the plan for universal access to high school education. We will strengthen the development of inclusive kindergartens.
  95、Emphasis is placed on supporting a number of universities and a number of disciplines to enter the world class.
  96、We will work together to promote Belt and Road education.
  97、Premature mortality from major chronic diseases was reduced by 10% . Each county should focus on running 1-2 county-level public hospitals. To create a 30-minute primary medical service circle.
  98、The rate of young people reaching the standard of physical fitness has reached over 95% .
  99、Implementation of the Chinese ancient books protection plan.
  100、Build a team to tell Chinese stories well.


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