Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet Of Things (IoT)

With years of mature technology in industrial automation field such as leakage detection, sensing and online analysis, combined with NB-IoT technology, the company has independently developed a series of IoT terminal products such as intelligent tele-transmission flow, pressure, level, differential pressure, temperature, etc., which are applied in the fields of smart city, smart industry, smart water, smart fire and so on.

- Completed the commercial deployment of 300,000 smart water meters in Fuzhou City.

- NB-IoT-based product industrialization and application promotion (Made in China 2025 ) project undertaking unit

- Intelligent remote water meter won the gold medal of Asia International Invention and Innovation Award in 2018

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Intelligent Differential Pressure Flowmeter
Intelligent Differential Pressure Flowmeter
Smart differential pressure flowmeter is a smart flowmeter based on battery-powered low-power Internet of Things technology. It is mainly used for the detection of large-diameter water flow in urban water affairs and municipal pipe networks. It uploads collected water flow data and other information to the cloud server through a wireless remote communication network, and through the urban water affairs and municipal pipe network information system application platform Receive cloud server data and monitor the water flow of the network in real time. The data implements functions such as automatic meter reading, automatic historical storage, and pressure alarm, which make the distribution of water flow throughout the city's pipeline network timely, controllable, and predictable. In order to fully meet the special needs of water flow detection in municipal and pipeline networks, this intelligent differential pressure flowmeter is designed with online installation functions in mind, which can achieve continuous water installation and can also meet the requirements of harsh application environments.   Main performance Use medium: municipal, pipe network water flow, liquid flow detection occasions Sensors: flow sensor, temperature sensor, pressure sensor Display: LCD liquid crystal display Shell: die-cast aluminum alloy spray paint Protection: sensor IP68, converter IP67/IP68 Transmission: using NB-IoT communication module, wireless remote transmission Power supply: Transmitter/converter: High-energy lithium battery 3.6V, capacity 19Ah×4        Note: The battery life is calculated by sending data once every hour, and can work for 3 years. Working temperature: -10℃~70℃ Working pressure: 1.6 MPa Measurement accuracy: ±1.5% (V>0.5m/s) ;±2.5% (0.5<V>0.05m/s) Repeatability: ±0.75% (V>0.5m/s) Small signal removal: ±1%~±3% FS Flow measurement: forward and reverse (bidirectional measurement) Temperature measurement: 0~80℃ Accuracy ±1.0℃ Pressure measurement: 0~1MPa (overload 6MPa) Accuracy ±0.5% Caliber: DN100~DN1600mm Antenna: internal and external antenna, lightning protection design EMC: anti-interference design of the whole machine   Overall structure and installation dimensions
Wireless Intelligent Remote Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Wireless Intelligent Remote Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Intelligent remote electromagnetic flowmeter is a smart meter of LTE wireless sensor network based on NB-IoT technology. This product has the advantages of durability, easy operation, stable performance, high frequency and low frequency excitation, etc. It is mainly used for the flow detection of water pipelines, and wirelessly upload data to the cloud data platform through the wireless sensor network. This new electromagnetic flowmeter can adapt to the harsh environment on site, so it is widely used in various types of raw water, sewage treatment, production water, tap water industry and municipal management, water conservancy construction and other fields of flow measurement. There is no obstruction and moving parts in the measuring tube, which will not cause additional energy loss and blockage, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. Only the lining and electrode are in contact with the measured medium. The selected lining and electrode materials have good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Low installation requirements. The front straight pipe section is 5D, and the rear straight pipe section is 2D (D is the inner diameter of the selected instrument). The measurement accuracy is not affected by fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and bidirectional flow measurement. The converter has good interchangeability, and measurement accuracy can be achieved without re-calibrating the actual flow. Technical Parameter Velocity measurement range: 0.5~15m/s Measuring pipe diameter: DN10~DN200 Supporting accuracy level: 1.0 Enclosure protection level: IP68 Detection alarm parameters: ATC alarm, excitation alarm, power alarm Measurement parameters: instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, pressure, real-time parameters Record parameters: cumulative flow Communication method: NB-IoT wireless mode Battery life: 3 years of sustainable operation Working environment temperature: -10℃~60℃ Working environment humidity: ≤95% Working pressure: ≤1.6 MPa
Wireless Intelligent Remote Transmission Liquid Level Meter
Wireless Intelligent Remote Transmission Liquid Level Meter
Intelligent remote transmission liquid level meter is an intelligent instrument based on NB-IoT wireless communication technology. It mainly completes the liquid level detection of municipal, water, river, river and lake, uploads the collected liquid level data and other information to the cloud server through the wireless communication network, and accesses the cloud service platform to monitor the liquid level in real time in the monitoring center to realize the system Automatic alarm and early warning; make the safe operation of the entire urban water system and rivers, rivers and lakes can be grasped, controllable and predictable. This liquid level collector can meet the harsh application environment in shape design. It can not only meet the performance and function requirements of industrial-grade equipment, but also effectively adapt to the complex environment of application in the wild and remote areas. Lithium battery life,3.6V lithium battery,Sustainable work ≥ 3 years Waterproof rating: IP68 Measurement accuracy: 0.2% (FS) The casing adopts die-casting aluminum alloy spray paint, simple structure, isolated measurement, no pollution to the environment, stable performance, easy to use. NB-IoT wireless transmission: low power consumption, wide coverage, high security, high reliability, mass connection There are no mechanical moving parts in the measuring head and instrument, and it is strictly sealed, isolated from the outside, will not be worn or corroded, very durable and reliable, and the maintenance workload is very small     Technical Parameter Sensor: Pressure level gauge Range: 0~1-25m (optional) Startup time: <10s Shell: die-cast aluminum alloy spray paint Protection level: IP68 Transmission: Using NB-IoT communication module, wireless remote transmission Power supply: powered by disposable lithium 3.6V battery Working temperature: -10~70℃ Measurement accuracy: 0.2% (FS) Dimensions: Φ52×110mm (measurement probe)
Intelligent Wireless Pressure Transmitter
Intelligent Wireless Pressure Transmitter
Industrial IoT intelligent pressure transmitter is an intelligent instrument using LTE wireless network based on NB-IoT technology. It is mainly composed of MEMS sensor, measuring film box, interfaces, processing circuit and radio frequency emission circuit. It mainly used in pressure testing of water pipelines, through wireless network; it uploads data to the cloud data platform. The design of this new type IoT sensor can deal with the toughest site conditions in water applications, and provide service at industrial standards performance. using high precision MEMS monocrystalline silicon pressure sensor,fast response and high stability,measuring accuracy is 0.1%FS. MEMS Pressure Sensors,low power consumption,small volume, high mechatronics integration and high overload. Circuit Optimization Design realization of "micro power consumption" design for wireless communication.It has micro transmission power and high sensitivity receiving. NB-IoT Wireless Transmission,low power consumption, wide coverage, high security, high reliability, and massive links. Battery Alarm,real-time on-line monitoring, automatically alarms when reading is lower than preset value,Pressure alarm、high/low pressure alarm. LCD Display,setting parameters: scan interval, upper/lower limit alarm, etc. Key Parameters Sensor: MEMS monocrystalline silicon pressure sensor Display: LCD screen Shell: die-cast aluminum alloy spray paint Protection: IP68 Transmission: NB-IoT wireless mode Power Supply: 3.6V lithium battery Working Temperature: -20~85℃ Working Pressure:  0-1MPa~40MPa Overload Pressure:  2×range Accuracy:  ±0.1%FS Installation: direct installation Mounting Thread:  M20×1.5 Film Material:  316L Structure: intrinsic safety design
Wireless Remote Smart Water Meter(For household users, water supply leakage management)
Wireless Remote Smart Water Meter(For household users, water supply leakage management)
Home user table, water supply leakage control Intelligent remote water meter is a new generation water meter based on microelectronics technology, sensor technology and NB-IoT technology. It has the characteristics of integration, low power consumption, high precision, anti-interference and maintenance-free. The water surface board adopts liquid crystal display, which includes: cumulative flow, working status, battery power, etc.; the outer surface of the water meter is made of stainless steel, the internal environmental protection engineering materials, the circuit is designed with low power consumption, and the integration is high. The data of the water meter is directly connected to the cloud platform through the NB-IoT narrow-band Internet of Things to realize the wireless remote meter reading function of the domestic water meter.         The main technical parameters Water meter model Caliber of water meter (mm) Metering Feature  (Q₃ /Q₁=R) Common flow(Q3)  Minimum flow(Q1) Boundary flow (Q2) Overload flow(Q4) m³/h m³/h m³/h m³/h LXSXY-15B-H(V) DN15 R200 2.5 0.0125 0.020 3.125 LXSXY-20B-H(V) DN20 R200 4.0 0.02 0.032 5 LxSXY-25B-H(V) DN25 R200 6.3 0.0315 0.0504 7.875 LXSXY-32B-H(V) DN32 R200 10.0 0.05 0.08 12.5 Note: The technical parameters comply with the national standard GB/T778-2018. The relationship between common flowQ3)and overload flow(Q4):Q4/Q3=1.25     The relationship between the boundary flow(Q2)and the minimum flow(Q1): Q2/Q1=1.6      1. Working water temperature: T30      2. Working pressure: ≤1.6 MPa      3. Pressure loss: ≤0.063 MPa      4. Environmental severity level: Class B, E1 level
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