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Fujian WIDE PLUS Precision Instrument Co., Ltd.

Fujian Wide Plus Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level, photoelectric, water quality and other parameter sensors and micro-actuators. Since its establishment in 1991, Wide Plus has established a multi-category, multi-disciplinary and professional R & D team. Starting from material science, automatic control technology, precision machinery, mold technology, instrument technology, application software, optical system design, etc., we strive to provide customers with first-class industrial control overall solutions, with more than 100 patents, and presided over and participated in the development and revision of 62 international/national/industry standards. Sensor products are widely distributed in the application industry, covering aerospace, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, electronics, power, pharmaceutical, food, medical and health, agriculture, gas, municipal engineering, sewage treatment and other fields.


  • 1991

    The company was founded in

  • 200 +

    Authorised Patents

  • 89 +

    Hosting and participating in the formulation and revision of international/national/industry standards

  • 8 billion+

    Registered Capital

The company is in the leading position in the field of industrial control in China, long-term adhere to the high precision mechatronics manufacturing technology as the basis, whether it is precision processing equipment, or precision processing technology has formed a complete set of high precision manufacturing technology system, mechanical manufacturing technology processing accuracy of 500 nm, equipment processing accuracy of 100 nm. The sensor project "Research and industrial development of high-precision silicon pressure sensor technology" successfully passed the national 863 Advanced manufacturing field project acceptance, "High real-time WIA-PA network System on Chip (SoC) research and development and demonstration application" successfully passed the national Science and Technology major 03 special project, laying the foundation for the development of the Internet of Things industry.

By relying on sensing technology, Wide Plus has expanded business areas with higher technical content and added value, successfully entered the "blue Ocean market" of smart water, and successfully transformed the company from a single instrument manufacturing platform to "Internet of Things integrated solution provider". We are committed to building the company into an Internet information business platform that takes into account the common development of the Internet of Things, cloud services, big data, intelligent manufacturing, etc. The smart water products produced by the company won the 2017 Industrial transformation and upgrading (Made in China 2025) based on NB-IoT product industrialization and application promotion project, and won the gold medal of the Asian International Innovation and Invention Award in 2018.



● The first domestic launch of ultra-stable high-precision pressure and differential pressure transmitter series products with an accuracy of 0.025%.


● Smart sensor won the second prize of Science and Technology of China Machinery Industry.


● Electric control valve actuator safety requirements and other international standards won the second prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology.


● Smart remote water meter won the Gold medal of the Asian International Invention and Innovation Award.


● Fully launched the smart water project - 300,000 smart water meters in Fuzhou commercial deployment.

● Successfully developed and manufactured high-precision non-spherical product production equipment, which is the first set that can be mass-produced in China.

● Won the Fujian Provincial Standard Contribution Award.


● Carried out urban smart water projects and gradually expanded to overseas markets.

● Completed the high precision manufacturing of the 500 meter diameter (19,300 pieces) bracket of Guizhou Tianyan.


● Cooperated with Huawei NB-IoT narrowband Internet of Things technology landing.


● Started the R&D and manufacturing of instrument pipe and valve parts, and the product quality reached the world advanced level.


● Launched the Internet of Things project research, committed to providing the overall solution of the Internet of things.


● As a key project in Fujian Province, the second phase of the Wide Plus project and high-precision intelligent manufacturing project has been put into operation.


● The parent company was successfully listed on the main Board of Hong Kong.


● began large-scale production of mid-to-high end industrial automation instruments and systems.instrument.


● Fujian Wide Plus was established to develop industrial automation instruments and all-plastic quartz watch movements with high precision mechronics technology.













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We expect that through SRE's perfect talent cultivation mechanism, more skilled talents will emerge, not only creating value for the company, but also taking on more social responsibility and having a sense of gain in their personal career.


The main business of Fujian WIDE PLUS Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. involves the R&D and manufacturing of pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level, photoelectricity, water quality and other parameter sensors as well as instrumentation tubes and valves in the industrial field; the R&D and manufacturing of high-precision automation equipments; high-precision mechanical machining; and the products and overall solutions of the city's intelligent water affairs.

Fujian WIDE PLUS Precision Instrument Co., Ltd.

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