Non-standard Automation

Non-standard Automation Equipment

The company has more than ten years of automated production line engineering, complete sets of system integration engineering experience accumulation, precipitation of a large number of technical basis, while training a group of experienced R & D team, the timely introduction of advanced experience at home and abroad, for the development of automated production line engineering injected with innovative scientific research technology. To provide customers with fully integrated service support, at the same time, we are constantly integrating resources, access to key technologies, always maintain the advanced level in technology, and these technologies are actively applied to customers, to provide customers with faster and better support and service.

Tailor-Made For You

Non-Standard Automation Equipment

WIDE PLUS Automation


WIDE PLUS Automation can be transformed to cover a variety of fields of industry, as long as you mention the demand, our professional team will be able to tailor-made for you to create efficient, high-quality automated production equipment.


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The main business of Fujian WIDE PLUS Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. involves the R&D and manufacturing of pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level, photoelectricity, water quality and other parameter sensors as well as instrumentation tubes and valves in the industrial field; the R&D and manufacturing of high-precision automation equipments; high-precision mechanical machining; and the products and overall solutions of the city's intelligent water affairs.

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