Information projects meeting is getting start.

Information projects meeting is getting start.

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— Release time — 2011-06-28

According to information projects' report, our company will have a meeting for information projects of WIDEPLUS. Vice director Zou Chong will make an important speech and tell us a great and profound significance of information projects and show great support for this project. At the same time, he requires related department of company to try their best to finish information projects on time. on the meeting ,software party introduced the ERP implementation plan, specific methods and the critical success factors and said they promised to ensure implementation of projects on schedule and successful online. This meeting sign the start of information projects. On the meeting not only determine the personnel of WIDEPLUS and software, but also stressed the role of leaders.Then, the director of the departments have said they would make endeavor to working hard. The significance for this meeting means that we have started the prelude of the information projects and make a solid step for modernization, the information management of the company.


The report of planting day

The first phase for WP introduction meeting of national tour has been accomplished


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