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Intelligent flow totalizer controller (with record)

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After a lot of accumulation of field experience and user feedback, adhering to the core design concept of reliability, simplicity and accuracy, our company has launched a new upgraded version of WP-RFC high-performance flow totalizer with recording. Through the overall industrial design, the repair rate is reduced, and the environmental adaptability and operability are improved, providing customers with a high-end, low-cost and service-cost high-performance meter with record flow.
Product description

1.1 Input Temperature display range: -99999~99999

Display range of instantaneous flow and pressure: -99999~99999, the position of the decimal point can be set

Display range of cumulative flow: 0~1000000000, the position of the decimal point can be set

Input signal type:

Flow rate: 1V~5V, 0~5V, 4mA~20mA, 0~10mA, 0~20mA, 0~20000Hz pulse

Temperature: no temperature, fixed temperature, Ptl00, Cul00, Cu50 can be selected by setting

Pressure: no pressure, fixed pressure, 1V~5V, 0~5V, 4mA~20mA, 0~l0mA, 0~20mA

Other input signals or index numbers need to be indicated at the time of ordering

Basic error: analog value is less than ±0.2%FS±1 word

Measure resolution: 1/60000, 16-bit A/D converter

Measure control cycle: 0.2 seconds per channel

1.2 Recording ·Recording capacity: 4MBit

Recording interval: 1 second to 59 minutes 59 seconds can be set arbitrarily, and cyclic or acyclic recording can be selected

Recording time: The length of the recording time is related to the recording interval. The calculation formula is as follows:

Recording hours = 24×recording interval (seconds)

It can be calculated that the shortest recording time is 24 hours and the longest time is 9 years

1.3 Alarm · You can select the instantaneous flow, temperature, pressure upper and lower limit alarm mode or cumulative amount preset output by setting.

Mode Relay output: contact capacity 220V AC, 3A (resistive load)

1.4 Transmission · Optical isolation

4~20mA, 0~10mA, 0~20mA DC current output, select by setting. To

The load capacity is greater than 600Ω

1~5V, 0~5V, 0~10V DC voltage output, please specify when ordering

Output resolution: 1/4000, the error is less than ±0. 2%FS

1.5 Communication interface · Optical isolation

RS232, RS485 standards, please indicate when ordering

The instrument address 0-99 can be set

The communication rate of 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 is selected by setting, and the rate is lower than 2400

Need to indicate when ordering

Delay in the response from receiving the computer command to sending the corresponding data on the meter: The response of the meter is delayed:

For commands with "#" as the delimiter, the response delay is less than 500μs:

The response delay of other commands is less than 100ms

Supporting test software, providing configuration software and application software technical support

1.6 External supply Ordinary power supply: used to power the transmitter, the error between the output value and the nominal value is less than ±5%, and the load capacity is greater than 50mA

Precision power supply: used to power sensors such as pressure, the error between the output value and the nominal value is less than 0.2%, and the load capacity is greater than 40mA

1.7 Power supply 220V AC power supply instrument: 85V~265V, power consumption is less than 10VA

24V DC power supply, please specify when ordering

1.8 USB interface U disk compatible with USB1.1 protocol.

1.9. Other performance indicators ·Working environment: 0~50℃, temperature lower than 90%RH (no condensation), wide temperature range instruments need to be specified when ordering

Electromagnetic compatibility: I EC61 000-4-2 (electrostatic discharge), Class III;

I EC61 000-4-4 (electric fast transient pulse group), level IV;

I EC61 000-4-5 (surge), level III;

I EC61 000-4-8 (power frequency magnetic field), level V;

I EC61 000-4-9 (pulsed magnetic field), level IV;

I EC61 000-4-12 (oscillating wave), Class III.


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