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Anti-theft type intelligent flow totalizing controller

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The anti-theft intelligent flow totalizing controller adopts advanced microprocessor for intelligent control, and is suitable for flow detection and totalizing control of various liquids, general gases, steam, natural gas and other media. This watch contains all the functions of the aforementioned intelligent flow totalizer controller, and adds unique anti-theft measures to improve the security of the system. Even in the case of power failure, it can effectively prevent embezzlement and ensure the user's accurate measurement and use , And easy operation, high reliability. Using look-up table compensation method, it can automatically realize high-precision and accurate integration according to temperature and pressure. Adopting multi-layer encryption method, the super administrator password has six digits (0~999999 free combination). It adopts a large Chinese screen (with backlight) LCD liquid crystal display, which can clearly display real-time measured values and various parameter values; and has a power saving mode, which can automatically turn off the display backlight according to the time setting.
Product description

Mathematical model Refer to the instrument operation manual

Measurement accuracy · Measurement display accuracy: ±0.5%FS±1

Frequency conversion accuracy: ±1 pulse (LMS) generally better than 0.2%

Resolution ±1 word

Display range -199999~999999

Display mode The first screen display

Cumulative time when the instrument is powered on (0~999999 hours)

Cumulative power-off time of the meter (0~9999 hours: 59 minutes)

Six-digit (0~999999) instantaneous flow value

Eleven digits (0~99999999999) cumulative flow value (8 digits integer and 3 decimal digits can also be displayed)

Display on the second screen

Six digits (-199999~999999) real-time temperature value

Six digits (-199999~999999) real-time pressure value

Six digits (0~999999) real-time volumetric instantaneous flow value (or frequency/differential pressure value)

Eleven digits (0~99999999999) volume cumulative flow value (8 digits integer and 3 decimal digits can also be displayed)

Third screen display

Record of the date of the previous power-off of the instrument · Record of the time of the previous power-off of the instrument

Cumulative flow during the previous power-off time of the instrument

The number of thefts (If the supervisor password is entered incorrectly for seven consecutive times, 1 will be automatically added to the number of thefts, and the data cannot be eliminated, and can only be automatically cleared after the maximum value is 999999)

The fourth screen display

Countdown time set (0~9999 hours)

Actual current countdown time (0~9999 hours. minutes)

Cumulative number of power outages (0~999999 times)

Current date, current time switches every 1 second

Control mode Optional upper limit, lower limit or upper upper limit, lower lower limit control, with normally open/normally closed output

Control setting value · Control setting value and hysteresis value can be set freely within the full range

Quantitative control · The flow rate can be quantified to control, and LED output instructions.

Optional flow rate quantitative process control, LED output indication.

Small signal cutoff When the flow signal <the set value of small signal cutoff, it is regarded as no flow signal

Small signal compensation When the flow signal is less than the maximum range × small signal compensation%, the flow signal is the maximum range × small signal compensation%, which can prevent theft by using the low signal segment characteristics of the sensor.

Compensation method · Temperature, pressure, temperature + pressure automatic compensation

Parameter setting Digital setting of panel touch keys

Parameter setting values ​​are permanently stored after power failure

Parameter setting value password lock

Protection method After the power failure, the cumulative value of the flow is maintained for more than five years

Parameter settings are permanently saved after power failure

Automatic reset of abnormal work


>Instrument dimensions and opening dimensions


>Selection table


>160×80, 80×160 instrument wiring diagram

★ Note: 1. See the random wiring diagram for the external start, stop, and reset functions.

2. Rotate the vertical meter wiring diagram 90° clockwise to obtain a 160×80 horizontal meter wiring diagram.

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