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Electronic weighing indicator

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The electronic weighing indicator is a new concept belt scale control instrument developed based on our mature software and hardware platform. Its built-in help function can be easily operated without manual. In view of the reliability and anti-interference ability that users are most concerned about, we have paid a lot of work and investment in design, development and testing, and reached a high level. It has become a substitute for imported similar instruments and can be widely used in various The detection and control of various continuous weighing and feeding equipment such as belt scales, cutter scales, and plate flow meters.
Product description

·It has measurement and control functions, suitable for various continuous automatic weighing instruments.

·Multiple calibration methods. Zero point calibration, chain code calibration and physical calibration, as well as the calibration of analog input and output interfaces. For special circumstances, the calibration coefficient can be modified directly. It can automatically measure the entire lap time and set the number of calibration laps flexibly. Physical calibration and chain code calibration can be carried out at any speed, and the accuracy index is guaranteed.

·You can choose automatic tare peeling (suitable for feeder system) and automatic tare peeling (suitable for weighing scales) during operation.

·Intelligent control algorithm. There is no need for very professional setting parameters such as PID, and the instrument can automatically adjust according to experience values. For systems with particularly large fluctuations, a large fluctuation control algorithm is also designed.

·The initial output can be calculated automatically. The initial output of the belt weigher can be set manually or automatically calculated by the meter based on experience values.

·With batch operation function.

·Optional linearization processing function.

·Multiple auxiliary functions. Including interface testing, factory restoration, data backup and data recovery, etc.

·Multiple start methods and multiple flow setting methods, as well as flexible mode switching.

·Convenient manual operation function.

·With accurate real-time clock, historical data query and printing functions.

·Powerful help information. The prompt information of the instrument includes the detailed description document for the current function, the prompt information of each step of the operation, the current setting status of the instrument (such as whether the calibration is performed, whether the data backup is performed, etc.), and the symbolic status information displayed in real time (including the current startup Mode, flow setting mode, memory operation status, communication status, etc.), operation error prompt, alarm information and alarm processing information, etc.

· Standard modbus-RTU communication. Optional dual serial ports, support machine side operation and field collection (digital belt scale).


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