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Weighing controller

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·Real-time weight can be displayed. ·It has the functions of manual resetting by button and automatic resetting after power-on. ·With zero point automatic tracking function. ·Communication function. Multiple communication protocols, including 3 protocols compatible with Zhimei and modbus-RTU protocol compatible with Toledo. ·Perfect digital filtering function. It has multiple filters such as vibration filter, arithmetic average filter and electrical noise filter, and the filter depth is adjustable. ·Optional linearization compensation. ·Multiple working methods. Simple comparison output mode, multi-channel cumulative batching mode, etc. ·Electronic calibration function. The meter has been digitally calibrated when it leaves the factory, and the customer can complete the system calibration by entering the total range and sensitivity of the sensor.
Product description

Meter measurement accuracy Non-linearity 0.005%

Temperature drift ≤10ppm

The maximum display value is 100000. Display division number ≤60000

Analog input channel 14-bit ADC, 200 times/s

The sensor power supply voltage is 10V/150mA, 6-wire wiring

Signal input range 0.05~22mV

Zero point input range 0.05~16mV

Analog output channel The resolution is 12 bits

The output signal is 0-20mA or 4-20mA, and the load driving capacity is 500 ohms

The accuracy is better than 0.2%

Switch input and output · 4 switch inputs.

OC output of 8 channel triodes, maximum drive capacity 30V/300mA, internal TVS protection (36V).

The serial port uses 232 or 485. Implement modbus-RTU protocol or other protocols.

Power supply 85~265VAC, 50Hz, 10W

Working environment -10~50℃, 10~85%RH (no condensation)


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