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Differential pressure cone type flowmeter

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The differential pressure cone flowmeter is an innovative flowmeter with high-precision flow measurement, specially designed for high-precision flow measurement of fluids in various difficult situations. It throttling by a V-shaped cone suspended in the center of the pipeline, which forces the fluid to flow around the cone around the centerline of the pipeline. This geometry has many advantages compared with traditional throttling elements. Due to the unique design of the differential pressure cone flowmeter, the flow state of the fluid does not have a significant impact on the accuracy of its measurement, so that it can be used in non-straight pipe sections, turbulent flow conditions, two-phase mixtures, etc. Measurement occasions.
Product description

Accurate flow measurement · Experts in the field of flow measurement · Two-wire wiring

Can replace the following products: Orifice plate, Venturi, nozzle, vortex flowmeter, rotameter, rotary flowmeter, Anuba flowmeter

Scope of application

Application medium

Gas medium measurement

Coal gas (coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, producer gas, city pipeline gas), natural gas (including natural gas with a moisture content of less than 5%), air, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, CO2, chlorine, methane, propylene, smoke Gas, saturated steam, superheated steam, wet gas, etc.

Liquid measurement

Water, oils (including crude oil, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, residual oil, etc.), emulsions, pure water, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, alcohols, purified water, sewage, benzene and other liquids.


Application field

Oil and gas products and transportation

Oil refining

Urban water and wastewater

Chemical/medical process process

Energy/Combined heat and power generation

Mining industry

Pulp/Paper Making

Manufacturing industry

Food and beverages

Other industries


Features of the meter

Low pressure loss

Low instrument noise ratio

Self-cleaning function

Flow field reforming function

Minimum requirements for front and rear straight pipes

High precision + 0.5% FS

High repeatability ±0.2%

Wide range ratio, generally 1:10 (can be higher)

Difficult application occasions Dirty liquid, humid gas, slurry, low pressure gas, etc.


Technical specifications

Accuracy: ±0.5% F.S. (water calibration accuracy) ±1.0% F.S. (calculation accuracy)

Repeatability: ±0.2%

Turndown ratio: 1:3 to 10 or better

Standard ß value: 0.45~0.85, special ß value available

Pressure loss: varies with ß value and differential pressure

Pipeline installation requirements: 1 to 3 times the diameter of the measuring body before the measuring body; 2 to 3 times the diameter of the measuring body behind the measuring body

Material: carbon steel, 304, 316L stainless steel or special materials according to user requirements


Technical characteristics

Wide turndown ratio

Due to the unique design of the differential pressure cone flowmeter, its range is relatively large, generally 1:3 to 1:50, and can be increased if necessary. When the Reynolds number is higher than 8000, its output signal is linear, if it is lower than At 8000, the output signal needs to be corrected.

Low requirements for straight pipe sections

Because its cone can uniform fluid distribution curve, compared with other types of flow meters, the requirements for the upstream and downstream straight pipe sections are smaller. For one section, the upstream 1D and downstream 2D ​​straight pipe sections can fully meet the requirements. When applied to large pipelines or occasions with limited installation locations, it has an irreplaceable feature.

Good long-term stability

The unique design of the cone ensures that when the fluid flows through the cone, it is a gradual process without sudden change. The flow first passes through the cone and then reaches the edge of the cone. Therefore, the cone will not be constantly worn by the fluid. , Ss value can remain unchanged for a long time, so the meter does not need to be recalibrated after long-term use.

Good signal stability

All flow meters that use the principle of differential pressure to measure will have "signal fluctuations". This is because even if the fluid before entering the measuring instrument is very stable, it will produce signal fluctuations after passing the measuring element once, which will interfere with the reading of the measuring instrument.

With "self-cleaning function"

The unique design of the differential pressure cone flowmeter makes the cone free of dead zones and will not accumulate fluid fragments, slag or contaminants on the cone, so it has the "self-cleaning" ability.






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