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Electromagnetic Flowmeter

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Flow meter
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Model: WP-EMF-C
Installation modes: Gripping integrated type  
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Model: WP-EMF-C                          

Installation modes: Gripping integrated type        

Language selection: Chinese and English


Electrode material:316, Hb, Hc, Ti, Ta

Inside lining material: PFA, F46

Medium:conducting liquid (include solid liquid two-phase body)

Accuracy grade: 0.2%, 0.5%, 1.0%

Medium conductivity:>5μS/cm (water >20μs/cm)

Excitation mode: LF square wave excitation, HF square wave excitation (apply to serosity measurement)

Flow velocity scope: 0.1~15m/s (flow unit selectable)

Connection flange: GB/T9119-2010

Medium temperature: -40~+80℃,

Rated pressure:1.0Mpa~4.0Mpa (divided according to aperture, refer to type spectrum table

Protection grade:IP67

Output signal: 4~20mA output, frequency/pulse, alarm

Hollow tube measurement:measuring hollow tube function without electrodes, continuous measurements, fix value alarm

Record function: record of power-fail time, automatic record of power break time of instrument system, make up flow left out (for option)

Infrared remote control: infrared hand-hold operational keyboard (for option)

Application:Acid, alkali, water supply and drainage, food, paper pulp, ore pulp etc.

Display:Flow rate, flow, percentage, integrating flow, fault alarm etc.

Supply power:220V AC, 24V DC

Mark of explosion proof:Exd ⅡCT6 (for option)

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