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V、VR、VL series two valves manifold

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Structural material

·The structure of valve bank is total 316 stainless steel, which has high strength and high   corrosion resistance.

·Can be customized according to the requirements of users.
·The design safety factor is 4:1
Structural integrity of valve bank 
·The valve body adopts integrated-type structure, which has high overall strength.                             
·It is equipped with the safety shotpin so as to prevent the falling off of  valve deck caused by misoperation or vibration.
·It adopts metal-against-metal rigidity sealing type between the valve deck and valve body. 
·The standard gland packing of valve rod is PTFE (While using under high temperature, it is flexible graphite.)
·The valves uniformly adopt rotation-free spherical metal sealing form. 
Internal finish degree
·Internal surface electrochemistry burring treatment
The connector type of valve bank adapting piece
·12mm ferrule tube connector
·1/2 in. ferrule tube connector
·1/2 in. NPT thread
·Direct instrument installation or remote installation, which can be conducted by using NPT thread connectors and bite type tube fittings.
·The sealing element of standard flange is fluorocarbon FKM O-ring. 
·The valve bank with flanges includes flange bolts and flange sealing elements.
     Before leaving the factory, each set of valve bank has passed the 7MPa nitrogen pressure test. There is no bubble produced in the shell and valve seat within 1min.
Valve features
     The flow passing the valve bank will be controlled by a series of needle valves. The specific functions of each valve (such as cut-off, discharge or balance pressure) will be determined by its position on the valve bank.
     The valves of instrument valves manifold have two sizes: large and small. The small valve applies to the valve port with aperture Φ3.2, while the large valve applies to the valve port with aperture Φ4.0. All the valves adopt the rotation-free stainless steel balls as their sealing elements. The valve can realize the back sealing on the max. open position.
     The compressing degree of valve rod packing can be adjusted externally. PTFE is the packing of standard configuration and the flexible graphite packing is used in the occasions with high temperature.
Two valves manifold
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