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305 series smart temperature transmitter round card

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Smart temperature sensor
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The temperature of the industrial site is input to 305X through thermal resistance or thermocouple sensor, and converted into corresponding temperature measurement value by microprocessor after "analog-digital conversion". Then the microprocessor sends the measured value to the highlight LCD for real-time display, and is proportionally converted into a corresponding 4-20mA current signal output through "digital-analog conversion". At the same time, the transmitter information (including measured values, diagnostic information, etc.) can be read in real time through HART communication, or the transmitter can be debugged.
Product description

technical parameter


sensor type


 305A/B/C/D1: Pt100, Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100

305A/B/C/D2: S,R,B,K,N,E,J,T,WRe3-25

305A/B/C/D3: Pt100, Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100

S, R, B, K, N, E, J, T, WRe3-25

Accept user designation


Connection method


305A/B/C/D1: a two-, three- or four-wire thermal resistance sensor

305A/B/C/D2: A thermocouple sensor plus a thermal resistance sensor (three-wire) for cold junction compensation or no thermal resistance sensor is used for compensation by setting a fixed cold junction temperature, or the built-in transmitter Thermal resistance sensor for cold junction compensation (compensation accuracy will affect the final measurement accuracy)

305A/B/C/D3: take 3051 or 3052 connection method according to needs

Measuring range

See Appendix 1: List of Input Sensor Types and Accuracy

Response time

≤250ms with sensor short circuit and open circuit monitoring


Two-wire system 4-20mA


Load resistance Ra

    Ra≤(Us-14.7V)/0.024A, Us is the loop voltage

Sensor failure


Short circuit: accept user designation (3.5~3.75mA)

Open circuit: accept user designation (21~23mA)

system error

   Can be set to 3.2mA or 24mA

measurement accuracy

Accuracy (digital measurement accuracy)

  See Appendix 1: List of Input Sensor Types and Accuracy

Analog output accuracy

     0.025% full scale

Long-term drift

  The first year <0.035% of full scale

Temperature effect

   See Appendix 2: Influence of Ambient Temperature

Rated working conditions

Ambient temperature

   -40~85℃ -20~60℃ (intrinsically safe type)

storage temperature


Electromagnetic compatibility

  GB/T 17626, level three





See below

Sensor connection

Display and control

Display size


Display digits


Unit (switchable)

   ℃ or ℉

Setting Options

    Three buttons on the panel or HART handheld device and configuration software compatible with HART protocol

power supply

   Loop voltage 15~36V DC

  Working current≤3.2mA

Hardware and software requirements

If you use a PC to debug and configure the transmitter through HART



PC with RS232/USB interface

HART modem


    WidePlus intelligent temperature transmitter commissioning software


Load for HART connection


Double core shield


Multi-core shielding



HART protocol 5.2


Transmitter factory setting




• Standard industrial design size

• Two-wire transmitter based on current loop power supply can effectively reduce wiring costs, reduce power consumption, and improve anti-interference ability

• HART communication protocol

• 4-20mA output

• It has the function of short circuit and open circuit monitoring when connected to the thermal resistance sensor, and has the function of open circuit monitoring when connected to the thermocouple sensor.

• With the built-in 3 operation buttons and the bright LCD display, you can conveniently set the transmitter parameters locally. In addition, the remote parameter configuration of the transmitter can be easily realized through the HART modem.

• Rotatable LCD display enhances the flexibility of transmitter installation, and can display the percentage of the current measurement to the full range, the current measurement value and its unit, sensor type, transmitter diagnostic information, etc. in real time.

• Support all sensors complying with IEC751 and IEC584

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