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WP304 series intelligent remote temperature transmitter

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The temperature of the industrial site is input to the WP304 circuit host through the thermal resistance sensor, and after the "analog-digital conversion" is converted into the corresponding digital quantity by the microprocessor,
Product description

working principle

The temperature of the industrial site is input to the WP304 circuit host through the thermal resistance sensor, and after the "analog-digital conversion" is converted into the corresponding digital quantity by the microprocessor, the digital temperature value is sent to the LCD for real-time display, and at the same time through the NB-IoT wireless The network is transmitted to the cloud platform in real time, and finally the cloud platform transmits the data to the APP user center to provide accurate and timely temperature parameters for process control. In the wireless data transmission part, each transmitter is configured as an independent transmission mode, which greatly enhances the flexibility of networking and improves the real-time performance of data.


Product features• Support NB-IoT wireless network standard, wireless data transmission

• Battery powered, no wiring required

• Low-power design, wireless long-distance signal transmission

• The transmitter has a local LCD display, which can easily display the parameters

• In addition, the remote parameter configuration of the transmitter can be easily realized through the protocol converter

• Shell protection grade IP68, suitable for outdoor applications


Application field


technical parameter

Sensor type Thermal resistance temperature sensor

Connection method Integrated general type (Type 304A)

Integral spring locking type (Type 304C)

Sensor PT100, PT1000 platinum resistance

Measurement range -200 � 500 ℃ optional

Wireless standard NB-IoT wireless standard

Transmission frequency band 5 GHz

The transmission distance is determined by the location of the base station, usually around 2000m

The reporting time can be set

Accuracy (digital measurement accuracy) 0.5 ℃

Display LCD liquid crystal, resolution accuracy 0.1 ℃

Long-term drift <0.2% of measurement range

Influence of environmental temperature <0.2℃/25℃ Environmental temperature change

Start-up time <10s

Sampling time 5 seconds (can be set)

Operating temperature -40 ~ 70℃ (the LCD will not work when it is below -20℃)

(The best battery temperature is 10 ~ 50℃, the battery is out of range

Will drop, please pay attention to protection)

Relative humidity <95%

Protection level IP68

Shell Electrostatic paint on the surface of die-cast aluminum alloy

Impact resistance Complies with DIN EN 60068-2-29/03.95

Vibration resistance Complies with DIN EN 60068-2-6/12.07

Sensor connection thread M27 x 2 or user determined

Sensor connection integrated

Connection material 304SS, user can customize

Antenna Built-in antenna, lightning protection design

EMC Design of anti-static, anti-surge and electromagnetic compatibility of the whole machine

Display Three rows of LCD liquid crystal display

Unit ℃ or F

Setting options Use the three buttons on the panel on site

Power supply 3.6V DC high-energy lithium battery, capacity 34Ah with switch, current

Turn on the switch to work when used in the field, and the battery can be replaced


WP304 series wireless intelligent temperature transmitter type spectrum table

Selection instructions: WP304A-1NB1-M2S1 (100mm), temperature measurement from 0 to 50°C, M27×2 thread, φ12 pipe, insertion depth L=100mm, material: 304, working pressure 1.6MPa.


Spare parts type staves for batteries and circuit boards

WP362T-111 High-energy lithium battery spare parts 3.6V capacity 34Ah

WP362T-113 Temperature circuit board (excluding sim card and antenna)

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