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WP-TRMS true effective value transmitter

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At present, most of the current and voltmeters on the market use simple rectification and averaging circuits to complete the measurement of AC signals. There are large theoretical errors. Therefore, these meters can only be used for standard undistorted sine waves when measuring the effective value, if it is a non-sine waveform Or the measured result of the distorted sine wave does not match the actual value of the signal. The true effective value transmitter adopts the averaging technique of signal integration after squared. It is used for accurate measurement of standard sine wave or aperiodic, non-sine wave and superimposed DC level of various noises, without considering waveform parameters and distortion. These performances are The average value measuring instrument cannot be realized.
Product description

◆ Main features


● Adopt two-wire system international standard current signal output

  ● Arbitrary waveform alternating signal input, wide measurement area

  ● Direct measurement of 0~500V/0~5A

◆ Measurement error comparison table



Comparison of measurement error between true effective value method and average value method:

   Crest factor: Kp= Up/Urms

  Form factor: Kf= Urms/U

  For sine wave: Kp=1.414 Kf=1.111


  Order: actual value = 1.111U; true value = Urms

  Then: γ = (actual value-true value)/true value X 100%

Measuring signal:


● AC voltage 0~500V

  ● Alternating current 0~5A

  ● Output signal: (4~20) mA DC (two-wire system)

  ● Working voltage: (7.5~36) VDC

  ● Accuracy: 0.2 level

  ● Allowable temperature: (-30~70)℃

  ● Relative humidity: ≤85%RH (no condensation)

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