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WP-9000-series switch input isolator

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The switch input isolator receives the signal from the switch or proximity switch, and transmits it to the control system or other intelligent instruments through a relay with changeover contact output through isolation.
Product description

WP-9000 series switch input isolator, through switch contact type free voltage or logic level signal input to control equipment. It is suitable for driving some low-power devices such as solenoid valves, alarms, light emitting diodes (LEDs), or other simple devices without energy storage.

This isolator needs independent power supply, and electromagnetic isolation between the power supply-input circuit-output circuit.



● Switch contact, open collector transistor or logic driver input.

  ● Drive solenoid valves, alarms and other intrinsically safe devices with inverted logic drive function.

  ● With working power indicator. Output status indicator.

  ● Plug and unplug terminal blocks, DIN rail card installation.


● Power supply


Power connection: independent terminal 13-, 14+, can be plugged and unplugged

   Power supply voltage: (20~30) V DC

   Current consumption: at 24VDC,

     single channel <75mA (when the output current is 45mA)

     dual channel <110mA (when output current is 45mA)

   Power indicator: power on, LED light on: green


● Input signal

 Input Switch type: suitable for switch contacts; transistor or logic driver

   Input current: ≤3mA/24V

   switch delay: ≤2s

●output signal

  Channel output: 0~24V logic signal

  Minimum output voltage: 12V at 45mA

   Maximum output voltage: 24V

  Current limit: 45mA

● Input/output characteristics

 Normal (reverse) phase:

  ☆If the input switch is closed, the transistor is turned on, or the voltage between terminals 11 and 12 is >4V, the output is turned on, and the LED yellow light is on (when reverse, then
No conduction, LED yellow light off);

  ☆If the input switch is off, the transistor is not conducting or the voltage between terminals 11 and 12 is <1V, the output is not conducting, and the yellow LED light is off (inverted
When, it is turned on and the LED yellow light is on)

Note: If the reverse phase is required, it needs to be set by the micro switch inside the product, and the user shall indicate when placing an order.


● Isolation performance

Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ/500V DC (AC)

   Isolation capacity: 1500VAC/1 minute 50Hz

  Anti-electromagnetic compatibility: in line with IEC 61000 related anti-electromagnetic standards


● Environmental parameters

  Working temperature: (-20~+60)℃

  Storage temperature: (-40~+80)℃

  Environmental humidity: (5~+95)%RH (no condensation)


● Structure and dimensions

  Clip-on type; modular watch core; ABS material case; plug-in terminal

   Machine weight: about 110g

◆ Dimensions

  Dimensions: width × height × depth = 16 × 116 × 110 (mm)

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