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WP-9000 series passive·distributor (output loop power supply)

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WP-9000 series passive·distributor (output loop power supply), is to provide isolated power supply voltage to the two-wire transmitter on site, and convert the (4-20) mA signal generated by the transmitter through the distributor Generate the required DC signal to the control system or other intelligent instruments. It is mainly used in DCS and PLC systems with input loop power supply. 20
Product description

WP-9000系列无源·配电器(输出环路供电),是向现场的二线制变送器提供隔离的电源电压,并将变送器产生的(4~20)mA 信号经本配电器转换成所需的直流信号至控制系统或其它智能仪表。主要用于具备输入回路供电的DCS、PLC系统。



◆ Features

  ● Isolate the input of the two-wire transmitter (4~20) mA signal.

  ● Provide drive voltage to the transmitter (Uo=Ue-RL×I-Ud).

  ● Signal transmission isolated output (4~20) mA.

  ● Loop power supply (20~35)VDC.

  ● Input circuit short-circuit protection.

  ● Plug and unplug terminal blocks, DIN rail card installation.

● Power supply

  Output loop power supply: (20~35)VDC

● Input signal

   Input signal: two-wire transmitter (4~20) mA

  Maximum loop current: 35mA

   Distribution voltage to the transmitter: see the calculation diagram below

   Distribution voltage: Uo=Ue-RL×I-Ud

● Output signal

   Output current: (4~20)mA

  Maximum loop current: 35mA

   Allowable load resistance: (50~350)Ω

   ripple (Vp-p): <10mV

● Performance Index

  Standard accuracy: ±0.5%FS (when the load is 100Ω)

  * Note: The smaller the load, the higher the accuracy.

  When the load increases by 100Ω, the accuracy decreases by 0.1%

   Temperature drift: ±0.015%/℃

   Response time: ≤1s (10→90)%

   Stable time: ≤3s

  Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ/500VDC (AC)

   Isolation capacity: 1500VAC/1 minute 50Hz

  Anti-electromagnetic compatibility: in line with IEC 61000 related anti-electromagnetic standards

● Environmental parameters

  Working temperature: (-20~+60)℃

  Storage temperature: (-40~+80)℃

  Environmental humidity: (5~+95)%RH (no condensation)

● Structure

   Clip-on type; Modular watch core; ABS material case; Plug-in terminal

   Machine weight: about 110g

◆ Dimensions

   Dimensions: width × height × depth = 16 × 116 × 110 (mm)

◆ Installation·Application

  ● Installation
35mm standard DIN rail card installation. Install it as vertically as possible to facilitate the heat dissipation inside the instrument.

  ● Application

     1. Connect field equipment: two-wire transmitter.

     2. Connect to the control system (or other unit combination instrument): control system DCS/PLC, AI receiving card with input loop power supply function.

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