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WP-R302C color screen paperless recorder

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Paperless recorder
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WP-R302C 16-channel universal input color screen paperless recorder, can input standard current, standard voltage, frequency, millivolt, thermocouple, thermal resistance and other signals. It has the functions of sensor isolated power distribution output, relay alarm output, transmission output, flow accumulation, temperature and pressure compensation, historical data transfer, printing and remote communication.
Product description

WP-R302C 16-channel universal input color screen paperless recorder, can input standard current, standard voltage, frequency, millivolt, thermocouple, thermal resistance and other signals.

   It has sensor isolation power distribution output, relay alarm output, transmission output, flow totalization, temperature and pressure compensation, historical data transfer, printing and remote communication functions.


•system 1. Using the latest large-scale integrated circuits, carefully designed components from international famous factories.
  2. High-speed, high-performance 32-bit ARM microprocessor, the screen response time is less than 0.2 seconds, and 16 signals can be detected, recorded, displayed and alarmed at the same time.
  3.5.6 inch 320*234 dot matrix TFT high brightness color graphic LCD display, LED backlight, clear picture, wide viewing angle.
  4. Fully isolated universal input, which can input a variety of signals, without jumpers, and can be configured through software.
  5. New type of switching power supply, normal operation in the range of 85VAC~265VAC.
  6. Integrated hardware real-time clock, the clock can run accurately even when the power is off.
  7. Provide transmitter +24VDC isolated power distribution.
  8. The all-aluminum sealed shell and internal shielding plate ensure the normal operation of the instrument in harsh environments.
  9. The large-capacity FLASH flash memory chip stores historical data, and the data will never be lost after power failure.
  10.12 relay alarm output.
•信号 1. Various standard signals can be input: standard current, standard voltage, frequency, millivolt, thermal resistance, thermocouple.
  2.Signal full scale accuracy ±0.5%.
  3. Optoelectronic devices are used between channels, which are completely isolated.
  4. Provide standard 4-20mA transmission output.
•software 1. The software password lock ensures the safety of user configuration.
  2. Chinese menu configuration, can freely configure and display the engineering tag and engineering unit.
  3. The engineering quantity display value reaches 4.5 digits, the display range is -9999~19999, and it also supports vacuum calculation and scientific notation display.
  4. At the same time indicate the lower limit, lower limit, upper limit and upper limit alarm of each channel, and can record and display the latest 15 alarm information.
  5. Each channel supports flow accumulation function, providing hourly report, 8-hour shift report, 12-hour shift report, daily report + monthly report and other report forms.
  6. Up to 4 sets of temperature and pressure compensation, support the compensation calculation of flow devices such as orifice plate, vortex street, and compensation media such as steam, water, and general gas.
  7. The curve display mode can choose horizontal curve or vertical curve.
  8. Provide 4 groups of curve combinations, each group can freely choose the channel and the curve color.
  9. Built-in GB2312 secondary Chinese character library (6500 Chinese characters).
  10. Powerful T6 input method, easy to operate. Supports Chinese pinyin input, numbers, English, special symbols, subscripts and other characters input, adopts international standard coding to solve the input problem of special units and Chinese character tag numbers.
•communication 1. Standard serial communication interface: RS485 and RS232C.
  2.Support the standard Modbus-RTU communication protocol, and provide a variety of data types, such as percentages, engineering quantities, cumulative quantities, etc. In addition to supporting the company's host computer management software, it also supports general professional configuration software such as iFix, Kingview, MCGS, and Force Control, without special drivers.
  3. Use USB2.0 interface to transfer and backup historical data, and the maximum support 2GB USB flash drive.
  4. Support FAT32 file system, Windows can automatically identify the backup data file without format conversion.
  5.An external micro printer can manually print data and curves, and automatically print real-time data at regular intervals to meet the needs of users on-site printing.



• Structure


Installation method: Embedded instrument panel installation (vertical instrument panel), allowing installation with a maximum tilt of 30 degrees backwards, horizontal left and right.

  Instrument panel thickness: 2~26mm

   Overall dimensions: 144(W)*144(H)*220(D)mm

   Weight: 4kg


• Input section


Input points: 1~12 channels, 16 channels

   Measurement cycle: 1 second

  Input type:




•Display part


Display: 5.6 inches TFT color LCD (320*234 dots)

  Display group: Display group number: 4 groups

  The number of channels that can be set per group: 4 channels

  Display color: 256 colors

   Channel number: 5 Chinese characters or 10 letters (numbers)

   Channel unit: 3 Chinese characters or 7 letters (numbers)

  Status display: display screen name, board status, alarm status, USB device logo, cycle display logo

  Display screen: measurement data display (overview, digital display, bar graph display, curve display), historical curve display, information display (alarm information, cumulative report), function screen (data backup, print)

   Overview display: display the data and alarm status of all measurement channels

   update rate: 1 second

  Curve display: vertical and horizontal selection

  Historical curve: the data stored in the memory can be reproduced

        can zoom 1/2/4/8/16/32 times

  Alarm information: a total of 15 records are displayed

• Temperature and pressure compensation function


Measuring device: orifice, vortex (current type), vortex (frequency type)

  Measuring medium: steam, water, general gas

   Steam temperature: 0~600℃

   Steam pressure: 0.1~22MPa

   Steam status: Automatically judge saturated steam and superheated steam

  Water temperature: 0~150℃

  Water pressure: 0.6MPa, 1.6MPa

   Gas Compression Coefficient: Air, oxygen and nitrogen can be queried automatically, and constants can be set for general gases.

   Vortex coefficient: 0.00000~999,999


• Storage function


External storage

    Media: USB flash drive

     Format: FAT32

     method: file record

     Capacity: Maximum 2G

  Internal storage

    Media: Flash

     Format: Binary save

     method: continuous recording

    Capacity: 1~12 channels



•Alarm function


Number of settings: Up to 4 alarms can be set per channel.

   Alarm types: upper limit alarm, upper limit alarm, lower limit alarm, lower limit alarm

   Delay alarm: It can be set in the parameter setting, all alarms use the same setting.

   Setting range: 0~10 seconds.

   Display: When an alarm occurs, the measurement data display screen has an alarm status display.


•About the clock


Clock: Hardware clock, keep running after power failure.

  Operating range: 2001~2099

  Clock accuracy: ±10ppm (0~50℃), excluding the delay error caused by turning on the power (less than 1 second).


• Power section


Rated voltage: 220VAC

  Using power supply voltage range:


  Rated frequency: 50Hz

   Starting current: Max 7.5A

   Power consumption: Maximum 30W (including optional functions)

  Normal operating conditions

     Power supply voltage: 220VAC

     Power frequency: 50Hz

    Ambient temperature: 0~50℃

    Environmental humidity: 0%~85% (no condensation)

     Warm-up time: 30 minutes after power on

     Installation location: Indoor


• Additional specifications


•Alarm output relay

     Output points:

       1~12 channels: 0~12 o’clock

      13~16 channels: 0~8 points

     Contact type: normally open contact

    Contact capacity: 3A/250VAC

  •Communication function

    Media: RS-232 or RS-485

     Protocol: Modbus-RTU (slave) protocol

    Communication rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600

  •Print function

     Printer: Panel type micro printer

     Print content: real-time data, historical data, cumulative report

     Printing method: manual printing, regular printing

  •Analog output

     Signal type: 4~20mA

     Number of output channels: 0~4 channels are optional.

      output mode: the transmission output of the measurement channel.

     Maximum load: 750Ω

  •24VDC transmitter power output

     output points: 4 loops

     output voltage: 24VDC

     rated output current: 65mADC (overcurrent protection operating current: about 90mA)

  •Frequency input power output

      output voltage: 12VDC, 24VDC

      Number of output points: the same as the number of optional frequency inputs.

     Maximum output current: 30mADC

  •USB interface

    USB interface specification: in line with Rev2.0 standard, host function

Number of      interfaces: 1 (front)

     Connectable equipment: USB memory (USB flash drive)

  •Accumulation/Report Function

     Cumulative points: the same as the number of input channels, each input channel can be accumulated

     Cumulative range: 0~999,999,999

     report types: hourly report, 8-hour shift report, 12-hour shift report, daily report + monthly report

Report length: Report type length of time
  Times 16day
  8Hourly shift 128day
  12Hourly shift 192day
  Daily + Monthly 1yaer
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