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Intelligent single-phase AC active and reactive power dual-channel meter

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The intelligent single-phase AC active and reactive power dual-channel instrument adopts advanced microprocessor for intelligent control, and accurately measures the single-phase AC voltage and current signals input at the same time. The single-phase AC active power value is automatically calculated by the CPU. The power value is clearly and intuitively displayed by the high-brightness LED digital tube, the upper screen displays the active power, the lower screen displays the reactive power, and the serial communication function can be selected.
Product description

>Wiring Diagram

>>160×80, 80×160 instrument wiring diagram

●Note 1: ALM1 is active alarm, ALM2 is reactive alarm


Instrument dimensions and opening size


● Note: The upper screen displays active power, which is displayed by a red digital tube; the lower screen displays reactive power, which is displayed by a green digital tube.


>Wiring Diagram

>>160×80, 80×160 instrument wiring diagram


●Note 1: There are two alarms inside the instrument, one for active and one for reactive power by default. It can also be set to two alarms corresponding to active power

The rate, or the two alarms correspond to reactive power.

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