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The Corporation Obtains the Project Approval of National 863 Plan

Number of visits: Date:2014-03-25 10:54

Through 15-year research, development, production and innovation and nearly 2-year technical preparation, the keynote project of Technical Study and Industrialization Exploitation of High Precision Silicon Pressure Transmitter” has obtained the official project approval of National 863 Plan. 

 As a significant base layer of process industrial control system, high precision silicon pressure transmitter and its system are the most frequently used and representative products in field detecting and measuring instruments. Based on the multidisciplinary technology, this project will overcome the problems in the key technologies, such as consistency, stability and reliability etc, of high precision silicon pressure transmitter; it will research, develop and produce (on a large scale) the pressure transmitters, which can substitute for the imported pressure transmitters, and apply them to the major projects of key industries, such as energy etc. Thus, it has a great significance on breaking the foreign enterprises’ monopoly on high-end products and ensuring the safety and development of national strategic industries. 

At this time, the corporation takes the lead in the “863 Plan” and independently researches and develops the high precision silicon pressure transmitter project, which indicates that the corporation’s R&D capability and strength have reached to the advanced level and lays a solid foundation for the technical process and industrial development of the corporation.

According to the spirits in the “Announcement of 2014 Project Approval in National High-tech Research and Development Plan Advanced Manufacturing Fields” (the National Science Development【2014】No. 40) of Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the corporation has convened a mobilization meeting to ask the related departments to develop the innovative products, keep improving and combat cooperatively so as to fulfill this significant task successfully ahead of time and to win credit for our nation and enterprise!