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Secretary Wang Ning went to WidePlus, Fujian to carry out the "Double Hundred and Double Thousand" project investigation

Writer:上润报道员Source:上润报道 Number of visits: Date:2020-05-29 14:26

On May 27, Wang Ning, deputy secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the municipal party committee, and other leaders went to the "Double Hundred and Double Thousand" enterprise Fujian Wide Plus Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. to carry out in-depth research on increasing production and efficiency of the enterprise, and promote the implementation of normal epidemic prevention. Control measures and accelerate economic and social development.

Huang Xunsong, chairman of Fujian Wide Plus, briefed Secretary Wang Ning in detail on the company's industry status and future industry planning. Wide Plus is a high-tech enterprise specializing in industrial automation instruments and high-precision mechanical processing such as sensors, pipe valves, etc. In recent years, Wide Plus has relied on sensing technology to expand its smart water business field with higher technical content and added value, and Actively explore the South Asian market.

Although the company faced various impacts on the market and supply chain during the epidemic, since the resumption of work on February 10, Wide Plus Company has made full use of its technological innovation advantages and mobilized all possible materials, from R&D, production, technology application, etc. At the same time, we have made every effort to ensure the orderly development of the company's basic industry. At the same time, we have newly developed infrared thermometers for epidemic prevention materials to help monitor and prevent epidemic situations.

Wang Ning affirmed the company's focus on technological innovation and occupying the commanding heights in the field of sensors, hoping that enterprises will accelerate the industrialization of scientific research achievements and seize more domestic and foreign markets.

Rescue and help enterprises to play a set of policy "combination punch"

Fuzhou launches "Double Hundred Double Thousand" action to increase production and efficiency

In order to actively respond to the impact of the epidemic on Fuzhou's economic development, we will make every effort to promote Fuzhou's economy to a new level and achieve a new leap. Last month, Fuzhou City launched the “Double Hundred and Double Thousand” action to increase production and efficiency, and issued an action plan. The action plan sorted out the large-scale enterprises whose added value accounted for more than 70% of the total GDP of Fuzhou City as the starting point for the "double hundred and double thousand" production increase and efficiency action, focusing on screening 200 new agricultural business entities, 1000 industrial enterprises, 100 Construction enterprises and 1,000 tertiary industry enterprises, requiring the city to concentrate on supporting leading enterprises and potential advantageous enterprises to increase production and efficiency, ensure the stability of market players and the supply chain of the industrial chain, stabilize the basic market, and cultivate new growth points. Smooth economic and social circulation.