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Wide Plus successfully held the 2020 employee labor skills competition

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Fujian Wide Plus actively responded to the guiding spirit of the Fuzhou Federation of Trade Unions' "About Organizing and Implementing the "Working Outbreak Situation to Promote Development as a Main Force" 2020 Worker Labor Skills Competition Implementation Plan" document guidance spirit, and earnestly implemented the Mawei District Committee's The deployment and requirements of the theme of "Re-entrepreneurship" will better play the role of our employees as the main force, vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship, and actively promote new achievements and improve the skills of employees. On June 5th, the company organized the 2020 “Worker Skills Competition” with the theme of “Brave New Mission • Encourage Entrepreneurship” and “War against Epidemic Situation, Promote Development and Be the Main Force”. The event was strongly supported by the Mawei District Federation of Trade Unions, the High-tech Zone Federation of Trade Unions, the company's board of directors, party committees, and trade unions. Chairman of the company Huang Xunsong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of the Mawei Federation of Trade Unions Zheng Xianyu, Deputy Director of the High-tech Zone Chen Qizhi, Minister of the Ministry of Economy Jiang Hongbin, Vice President of the company Zou Chong, Director of the company Zhou Yonghong, Zheng Ziwen, Assistant President Huang Qihan, Trade Union Chairman Chen Weidong, Vice Chairman Huang Kunming Other leaders attended the event.

The opening ceremony of the machining center, the judges explain the rules of the competition

The competition focused on enterprise post training and technical competition, and received positive responses from various departments. Nearly 150 employees signed up to participate in the competition, respectively in the machining center, pipe and valve production workshop, sensor workshop, instrument workshop, and mold automation equipment workshop It is jointly carried out with a total of seven places in the production workshop of the amount thermometer. The competition is mainly evaluated from various angles such as personal literacy of employees, production safety protection, equipment use specifications, and personal practical skills. After intense competition and strict selection by the judges, A total of 80 first, second and third prizes and encouragement prizes were generated.

In the processing center, the reviewers conduct on-site assessment

Competition scene of pipe and valve workshop

Instrument workshop competition scene


Sensor workshop competition scene

The scene of the amount thermometer workshop

The competition scene of the workshop of the mold center

The scene of the second workshop of the machining center

The award ceremony was held at the home of  Wide Plus employees. The main leaders of the Mawei District Federation of Trade Unions, High-tech Park and Fujian Wide Plus awarded the awards to the employees. In the award ceremony, Chairman Huang Xunsong encouraged the employees to be brave in pioneering and innovative in the current environment, actively perform, and continuously improve their self-worth. The competition ended in a group photo of all the award-winning personnel. The company hopes that through this competition, it will inspire Wide Plus employees to dedicate themselves to their jobs, to concentrate their efforts, to be responsible, to strive for first-class work enthusiasm and the vitality of innovation and creation, to jointly create Wide Plus Good tomorrow!


Chairman Huang Xunsong delivered a speech

Award ceremony site

Group photo of 80 winning employees and main leaders