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Unite as one to fight the epidemic, we are in action!

Writer:上润报道员Source:上润报道 Number of visits: Date:2020-02-11 09:07

Novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak there was no parallel in history. Our wills unite like a fortress. The epidemic of the virus has been affecting the hearts of the whole nation. The virus has been highly infectious, which has led to the continuous rise of the national diagnostic data. The state has launched an unprecedented strict control measure. Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Fujian is actively responding to the directive of the state. It is the first time to initiate epidemic prevention measures and fully protect the safety of employees.Fujian Wide Plus actively responded to the state's instructions for responding to the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and launched anti-epidemic measures as soon as possible to fully protect the safety of the company's employees and prevent the spread of the epidemic with meager efforts.


The company's main epidemic prevention measures

1. January 24: Initiate the arrangement of the time for returning to Hubei for the New Year's Eve and their return to the banyan, and implement the seven measures to reduce the turnover of people during the holiday period.
2. January 29: A leading group for the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia was established, and data were collected and sorted out on the recent itineraries and physical conditions of employees in various departments. And set cadres on duty to participate in emergency incident handling at any time.
3. January 30: Start to carry out full disinfection of the plant.
4. January 31: Develop and distribute epidemic prevention manuals to guide employees' personal health and safety protection during holidays and resumption of work.
5. February 1-February 9: Continue to collect information on employees and collect health protection materials such as temperature guns, masks, disinfectants, alcohol, etc. used after resumption of work, and make full preparations before resumption of work.
6. February 10: Employees who have taken good isolation measures in this province are allowed to resume work, and health protection measures are taken for Huirong employees outside the province. They are required to self-test their body temperature every day to ensure their health and safety.
7. Safety protection during resumption of work:


a: Many temperature measurements are required for entering the factory, and employees are required not to gather unless necessary and do a good job in cleaning and sanitation.
b: Distribute protective equipment such as alcohol and masks to guide the use of the standard.
c: Clean and disinfect public areas every day.
d: Adopt a multi-batch dining system, strictly sterilize tableware in the cafeteria, conduct health supervision on the staff of the cafeteria, and encourage scattered dining.