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Product training meeting of WIDEPLUS for national agents

Writer:WIDEPLUS reporterNumber of visits: Date:2014-08-12 17:06

After several years of industry adjustment, WIDEPLUS has a qualitative leap on production equipment, product quality and product positioning. In order to make the sales network to know the current situation of WIDEPLUS and develop technical sales, we held products training meeting for two weeks. In this way we can esure to supply our customers on-site technical and sales solutions. 

The training contents included the ointrduction of current market,  knowledge training and field application solutions of WIDEPLUS leading products, including instruments, valves and pipe fittings, high accuracy intelligent pressure/ differential pressure transmitter and temperature transmitter.

Agents who attended in the meeting were excited about the gallop of WIDEPLUS. They not only learn more about WIDEPLUS products, but also amazed by the leading position of domestic products. They are full of confidence about the future in WIDEPLUS.