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  • Product Name: General needle valve
  • Product Models: SS-NG

     This series needle valve is used to cut off and regulate the flow. Hardening rotation-free valve spool structure can reduce the packing abrasion so as to ensure the reliable cut-off of flow and stability of regulation and thus prolong the service life.

·Provide straight-through type and angle type 
·Normal-temperature working pressure 42MPa (6090psi) 
·Total 316 stainless steel structure
·While using PTFE packing, the highest working temperature is 232℃(450℉)
·While using graphite packing, the highest temperature is 343℃(650℉) 
     Before leaving the factory, each  needle valve has passed the 7MPa nitrogen pressure test. There is no bubble produced in the shell and the valve seats within 1min.
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