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Wide plus labor union

The labor union of our company was founded on July, 2005. With the help of trade union at a higher level and the leadership of the party, and cooperate with enterprise department, work hard to actively create good working environment and the comfortable life environment for workers. And we made gratifying achievements and get affirmation of the trade union. Since last year has been awarded as: "economic and technological innovation advanced unit", "love and advanced review unit", "model provincial worker’s home", "standard demonstration unit of the living environment ", "2006 year peace cup winners unit", "the advanced unit of labor union ", "working advanced collective unit of female workers" "6.18 innovation achievement excellent organization", "Fuzhou harmonious labor relations enterprise" etc.

The company not only pays attention on material life of workers, but also pays attention on their cultural life construction.

The factory grows trees and flowers on 40% of the area of land.

It has established three billboards; this is the culture of employees’ field, which content have special, health, and safety and health issue and the ideological and moral qualities of special education and pictures show.

Our company has workshop in each department for our employees to express their hearts. In addition, we also build the basketball court, fitness field, badminton, dance halls, table tennis room, billiards room, a training room and reading room, etc. And we have established six communities, including basketball club, badminton club, table tennis club, company singers, dancers, dancing association. In order to further improve the level of the enterprise culture, meet the needs of employee for amateur cultural life, in the end of last year we have built nearly 500 square meters space for them. Special decoration is a multifunctional recreation.

The company and the trade union of the company also pay attention to employee's education. Since last year, we already have educated more than 1800 people employees' ideological quality of technology and skills training of more than 800 people.

In addition, the unions also often carry out technical skill game,

and select a number of outstanding employees to travel.

The trade union of the company tries to create a good environment and living environment, at the same time, adhere to the "people-oriented" for the concept. For this way, we create a harmonious relation between new employee and enterprise and make them to be self-confidence. Then it forms huge centripetal force and cohesion.